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Stay competitive by being one of the first businesses to offer the PanX Positioning system to your employees, guests, or assets. We are preparing a wave of beta tests for interested companies as well as starting early licensing agreements.

Now is the time to lock your company’s future in using the biggest advancement in location tracking since the introduction of GPS almost 4 decades ago!

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Protect your employees, and also your valuable assets. Some of our clients plan on renting PanX System to their guests that are interested in extra security.



Reduce liability and limit claims by patients of abandonment. With records of nurse visits you can increase customer satisfaction and prevent lawsuits.



Our nation’s children need protection. PanX devices on teachers offer accurate warning of emergencies, and our forthcoming two-way voice feature will prove invaluable.



Dream up a useful application for PanX or implement it into your current devices like phones or laptops. Affordable licensing options give you a competitive advantage.