Check In

A recent study of large hotels indicates an astonishing statistic that no hotel owner or manager can ignore. 85% of negative hotel experiences are due to a bad check-in exeperience.

Such starteling data requires that we take action to make the hotel experience better for customers. With such incredible competition out there, your customers have many choices when they need a room for the night. A clean and effective check-in process will bring your hotel loyal customers that happily seek out your establishment everytime they travel.

PanX Solutions has surveyed thousands of hotel users and hotel establisments to build a technological solution that can immedietely improve the customer satisfaction at your hotel and increase profits through proved upgrade models.

Tablets beautifully installed in the lobby of your hotel are not only incredibly inviting, but incredibly improve the check-in experience for customers. The tablets invite customers and easily walk them through checking into the hotel in a matter of 2-3 minutes. Frequent visitors can check-in using less than 60 seconds of their time.

PanX Check-In can automatically fill extra upgrade rooms or services based on criteria that you set using and easy-to-manage managment interface. This increases profits through upgrades, increases customer satisfaction, and increases the ability of you to fill all of your rooms.

Customers enjoy the ability to take control of their experience, it also increases the throughput of your hotel during busy hours. An average setup would include 4-6 permenant tablet devices in a hotel lobby meaning that 4-6 families and customers can check into their rooms simultaneously with minimal supervision of staff. The cost of a basic set up like this is about the cost of 1 month of an employee’s salary. The system immedietly pays for itself within a month.