Did you ever think personalizing your home would have nothing to do with hanging a picture or buying a new couch? With home automation it is one of those things that if you haven’t had it, you probably think its something extravagant, and if you have, it’s one of those things you wouldn’t know how to live without.

Panx utilizes state of the art electronics creating a living space with high tech controls. Panx can create an environment for customers to control heating and cooling, enable security settings, view security cameras on all TV’s, change lighting, open and close shades, turn lawn on/off sprinklers, even adjust temperature in the pool, save on energy costs.

Much of this can be done by walking into a room waving your hand and not ever touch a control screen. This is truly unique!

Panx specializes in knowing how to control of your home effortlessly.

The Panx automation team is the best in the industry. Our team of designers and engineers has spent more than ten years putting together the most unique and extravagant home automation systems in the industry. We look to duplicate their success over and over again, ultimately to the benefit of every one of our clients.

We use the technology of companies like Control4 and Crestron and combine them with Panx’s proprietary technology to truly give our customers a unique experience.