Personal Alarm (PERS)

Give yourself or a love one the piece of mind that someone can help them with the touch of a button.

The Panx emergency response can work together with your security system or independently. A medical alert system specifically designed to protect seniors and all family members when they are left alone and in need of help. The system can work with a landline that is already in place or if no line is in place can work with a cellular connection (really important).

In addition to a homebound system, our system has the option of being mobile and can go with you wherever you may go. For example if you go decide to go for a walk and find yourself in need of help the mobile capability of the system works the same as it does in your home except your pendant is all you need. The personal pendant makes a cellular call with assisted GPS, which can locate you and send for help.

Most important Panx services strive to help our customers remain independent and possibly avoid having to pay for expensive care that they would not otherwise need. The system is professionally monitored 24 hrs a day and has the option to send alerts to family members when emergency services are not needed. In addition to medical emergencies the system can be monitored for fire, CO Gas poison, and home invasion emergencies.

Panx does not believe in locking our customers into long contracts and forcing our service onto you. Panx Emergency Response is a month to month commitment where for any reason our customers can withdraw from our service, however we hope we can show you why its great to be a Panx customer for a very long time.

Panx is committed to giving our customers the most easy and simple solutions to feel like they are protected whenever and wherever they may go.

Independent health and longevity is as simple as a push of button allowing our customers to live alone without ever being alone.